Get More Gas Out of Your Fleet With a Managed Fuel Program

There comes a time in every fleet manager’s life when they simply run out of gas. Managing a fleet can be like herding cats as it is, and dealing with fuel management issues can be like having that one stray that just will not stay put. Halting your well-oiled machine to wrangle in missing expense reports and mileage is stressful enough. Not to mention the constant pressure to optimize fuel efficiency, despite rising fuel costs.

Giving up control is hard when you are the only one that knows the nuances of your business. On the other hand, it sure would be nice to have someone to help keep the cats in line, wouldn’t it? That’s where a Managed Fuel Card Program can help. Fuel costs can make up nearly two-thirds of your operating expenses. A managed fuel program can connect your business with the right fuel card to help you mitigate fraud, optimize fuel usage, and save you money.


Each vehicle in your fleet receives a fuel card specific to that vehicle and each driver in your fleet will receive a personal identification number. You receive one consolidated invoice instead of dealing with what could be hundreds of individual reimbursements.


Control every penny. With a fuel card, you can set fuel limits, grade restrictions and know where and when your drivers fill up. For instance, anything over three transactions per week or a set price point will be declined. (These limits can be easily changed during emergencies.) This also eliminates slippage—no more filling up lawnmowers, boats, personal vehicles or grabbing a pack of cigarettes on the company dime.

Easily review all fuel purchases and manage your drivers online. Control your fuel analysis data, regarding the number of vehicles in the fleet and the number of miles driven to show where and when they can start saving money and cutting back on avoidable fuel costs.


Fleet fuel cards are convenient for drivers as well. All they have to do is swipe the card at the pump, enter their personal identification number and the vehicle’s current mileage, and fill up. They will no longer have to fill out expense reports or worry about saving every crumpled receipt they find in their pocket to show proof of fuel purchases.


See for yourself. We created a fuel calculator to give you an idea of how much our Fuel Card Program could save your fleet.

For example, imagine your fleet of 45 lawn care vehicles has 60 drivers, the average annual miles per driver is 36,000, and you’re getting about 20 miles to the gallon. Let’s assume the national average is $2.92 per gallon of fuel, your total annual fleet fuel spend is $236,520. This same scenario, with Mike Albert’s Managed Fuel Card program, could save your fleet an average of $19,131 a year in security protection and slippage, fuel discounts, total fleet lifecycle savings, driver productivity, and administrative costs.


Well managed fleet fuel program is easy to implement. Your fleet partner should work hand-in-hand with you and your drivers to ensure a smooth transition. No longer will you have to fly blind, not knowing what budget to set in a given month or whether you should expect an increase or decrease in fuel the following month. Our Fuel Card Program gives you the power to track trends in pricing, maintain the data, and report on it via WEX, the fleet card provider. Best of all it will tie into our recommended telematics program. Intelligent data will help you make intelligent choices for your fleet.

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