If you have Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in your fleet, those vehicles, as well as their drivers, must adhere to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. We can help you determine if your vehicles qualify as CMVs, and if they do, we’ll ensure you meet all the requirements necessary to avoid costly violations and maximize safety.

Fleet DOT Compliance by Mike Albert

Vigilant, 100% accurate DOT compliance proactively managed for you

Keeping up with ongoing DOT and safety compliance regulations is a complex, time-consuming task. Requirements vary based on your vehicle and cargo weight, cargo content, number of passengers, and travel locations. And if you don’t comply thoroughly, correctly, and on time, you expose your business to hefty fines, potential downtime, and increased liability and risk.

Relieve the headaches and worry of compliance management by leaving the task to our team. We partner with best-in-class compliance providers offering end-to-end services to ensure your fleet runs safely and meets all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. You gain visibility and control over your drivers and vehicles to streamline processes, lower costs, and reduce risk.

Licensing, permitting and titling

Get on the road faster and stay on track by letting us take care of all your vehicle registration and documentation hassles. We’ll obtain fleet permits for mileage, authority, IFTA and IRP, monitor renewals, coordinate details with states, acquire overweight/over-dimensional permits, keep you aware of expiration dates and use taxes, and more.

Fuel tax filings

Audit concerns, an influx of GPS data, and changing regulations make fuel tax reporting an arduous task. Turn it over to us and we’ll collect and manage your ongoing mileage and fuel data, correct any errors, ensure the data meets IFTA and IRP requirements, and submit the tax returns with the utmost accuracy to the appropriate jurisdictions.

Safety services

The abundance of documentation needed to manage driver qualifications, Hours of Service, vehicle inspections, CSA records, roadside and accident reports, and other safety metrics can lead to gaps in recording and exposure to risk. Keep your fleet running safely and fully within the law with our customized consulting, training, and compliance services.


What is DOT Compliance?
Department of Transportation Compliance. Operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) requires that the operator follows certain standards to ensure the safety of that vehicle and others on the road. Those standards ensure a vehicle is in compliance.

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