DOT Compliance

Keep your fleet safe with our full-scale DOT Compliance support.

If you have Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in your fleet, those vehicles, as well as their drivers, must adhere to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Maintaining DOT Compliance can be a full-time job. Ensure driver safety, keep costs down, reduce paperwork, and stay ahead of ever-changing regulations by outsourcing to a trusted partner who makes your their number-one priority.

Mike Albert partners with Fleetworthy to provide the end-to-end services you need to ensure your fleet is running safely and meeting all applicable federal, state and local regulations. With the help of the intelligent compliance experts at Fleetworthy, you gain the visibility and control over your drivers and vehicles that it takes to streamline processes, lower costs and reduce risk.


Get on the road faster and stay on it by letting us take care of all your vehicle registration and tracking hassles. We’ll obtain fleet permits for mileage, authority, IFTA and IRP, monitor renewals, coordinate everything with states, manage overweight/over-dimensional permits, keep you on top of expiration dates and use taxes, and more.


Audit concerns, an influx of GPS data and changing regulations make fuel tax reporting an arduous chore. Turn it over to us and we’ll collect and manage your ongoing mileage and fuel data, correct any errors, ensure the data meets IFTA and IRP requirements, and submit the tax returns with the utmost accuracy to the appropriate jurisdictions.


The abundance of documentation needed to manage driver qualifications, Hours of Service, vehicle inspections, CSA records, roadside and accident reports, and much more, can lead to gaps in recording and exposure to risk. Keep your fleet running safely and fully within the law with our customized consulting, training and compliance services.

See what other tasks we can cross off your to-do list. Browse our additional services or take our free fleet assessment. From fleet leasing to vehicle acquisition, we’ll give you a selection of services to help you build your fleet right.

Benefits for using Mike Albert

Driver Safety Services

Our safety services include driver training (both hands-on and instruction) and driver qualification (including drug testing and background checks).

Vehicle Safety Services

Fleet vehicles are required to receive regular inspections, both from the authorities and by drivers themselves, as DOT mandates a program of pre- and post-trip inspections. We take care of submitting the vehicle inspection forms when an equipment or safety issue is discovered (which states the nature of the problem), and then again when repairs have been made attesting to the correction.


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