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DOT Compliance

Keep your fleet safe with our full-scale DOT Compliance support.

Maintaining DOT Compliance can be a full-time job. Ensure driver safety, keep costs down, reduce paperwork, and stay ahead of ever-changing regulations by outsourcing to a trusted partner who makes your fleet's safety their number-one priority. Mike Albert partners with Fleetworthy to provide clients with comprehensive DOT Compliance services, including:

Licensing & Permitting

There are a number of rules and regulations that specify both federal and state taxes (for fuel and other items), plus weight restrictions and different types of vehicle licenses and permits that are required. We secure the following:

  • IRP: International Registration Plan, for payment of license fees
  • IFTA: International Fuel Tax Agreement, for payment of fuel taxes
  • Straight plates: for in-state driving
  • Single-trip permit applications

Fuel Tax Reporting & Audit Support

Federal and state reporting of fuel taxes is required to maintain DOT Compliance. We take care of extensive processing of mileage and fuel for each unit, plus we put expansive data integrity checks and balances in place to identify IFTA and IRP audits.

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Benefits for using Mike Albert

Driver Safety Services

Our safety services include driver training (both hands-on and instruction) and driver qualification (including drug testing and background checks).

Vehicle Safety Services

Fleet vehicles are required to receive regular inspections, both from the authorities and by drivers themselves, as DOT mandates a program of pre- and post-trip inspections. We take care of submitting the vehicle inspection forms when an equipment or safety issue is discovered (which states the nature of the problem), and then again when repairs have been made attesting to the correction.