Vehicle Registration and Renewal

Leverage Our Dedicated Fleet Titles Team to Keep Your Fleet Up to Date

Keeping your fleet properly registered can be a full-time job. Renewal criteria can vary from state to state, city to city, and even county to county. Leverage our dedicated Fleet Titles team to keep your fleet up to date.

Simplified Registrations & Renewals for your fleet:
When a vehicle’s registration comes up for renewal, we ask your drivers to supply us with the necessary documentation. We then process the paperwork and send the new license plates or stickers, along with the current registration, directly to your drivers. It’s that simple.

  • Eliminates need to reimburse drivers for registration expenses.
  • Offers consolidated reporting which allows for easy tracking and auditing.
  • Ensures that registration requirements in all 50 states are met.
  • Erases the need for drivers to stand in line at the DMV, where they are often turned away because of document requirements.

Peace of Mind

We take care of registration renewals for your drivers in all 50 states. Instead of multiple receipts from multiple drivers, you receive one monthly consolidated invoice that details registration fees for your entire fleet.

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