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Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

The safety of your drivers is always a top concern—which is why we make it our top priority.

Using Fleet Science® to improve fleet safety & efficiency.

A safer fleet benefits everyone—your drivers, your customers, and your bottom line. Fleet Science® can help you get there by optimizing your fleet safety management strategy. From an in-depth review of your existing fleet to implementing safety improvements like advanced vehicle specifications with engineered upfitting solutions, targeted driver training to handling the administrative burdens when accidents do occur, you can lean on us to streamline and facilitate your fleet safety management with resources like:

Protect drivers and inventory with properly equipped vehicles.

Safety, cargo protection, reliability, fuel efficiency, customer service, brand image, driver satisfaction and productivity are just a few of the crucial factors impacted by the quality, designs, and capabilities of your fleet vehicles. Our highly-experienced vehicle and upfit specialists—also known as our “truck team”—focus on optimizing these factors when helping you spec and equip the right vehicles for your fleet.

Improve driver safety and protect assets with vehicle and driver monitoring.

Regular monitoring of vehicle and driver performance is essential for fleet safety management. And while you can’t be in the passenger seat to keep tabs on all of your drivers, you can harness the capabilities of technology and accessories like in-cabin cameras to identify and address potential problems before they cost your company money—or put lives at risk.

Albert IQ® is Mike Albert’s answer to your vehicle monitoring needs. It’s a world-class solution that reveals the most important things you need to know about your fleet, so you can make decisions that enhance safety, productivity, vehicle performance, and value. With customizable alerts and data about vehicle behavior and driver behaviors like hard braking or speeding, you’ll have full transparency into the where, when, and how of your fleet’s daily use so that you can stay two steps ahead.

Gain control of fleet vehicle compliance.

Fleet safety management is more than your internal processes—your fleet vehicles and drivers must also be in compliance with state DMVs and the Department of Transportation. Relieve the headaches and worry of compliance management by implementing services designed to streamline the administration of compliance.

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Essential medical equipment, such as lifts, wheelchairs, and hospital beds, need to arrive on time and in one piece. Joerns is how it gets there. Learn how Mike Albert was able to help this manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment right-size their fleet, cut costs and improve safety with vehicles equipped for safe deliveries of essential equipment.

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