Fleet Toll Management

Solve Complex Fleet Tolling Challenges

Proactive toll management allows you to monitor toll activity & spend on all of your vehicles through one easy system. Our electronic toll payment solution provides your fleet with centralized controls, reporting, and payment processing. Fleet toll management programs streamline the driver’s experience, simplify administrative tasks, and reduce toll expenses.

How it works

Your fleet vehicles' plates are enrolled with participating toll authorities via Verra Mobility. Upon enrollment, drivers receive welcome kits with letters, transponder windshield mounting instructions and tool program equipment for vehicles. Once the equipment is installed, drivers may begin using electronic toll on any cashless tollway where PlatePass coverage is available. Then, pay all of your toll expenses on one consolidated bill.


Customizable reporting

Toll summary reports are flexible and customizable, ensuring fleets receive toll information how, when and where they want it. Easily access details on:

  • Toll activity
  • E-ZPass registration errors
  • Transponder activity
  • Plate History
  • Speed warnings

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