Between the technological advancement of vehicles and the demand for qualified mechanics, the cost of vehicle maintenance is on the rise. Manage your vehicle’s maintenance with a program designed to gain control of costs and ensure the quality of service.

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Outsourcing repair services to a fleet maintenance company will make your fleet more productive and reduce overall costs. If you need 24/7 towing options, priority attention at the maintenance shop, on-the-go roadside support, or all that and then some, we have the maintenance connections necessary to ensure your vehicles remain safely on the road as much as possible.

Our fleet maintenance service operates with the expertise of our ASE-certified team, who carry a combined 70+ years of experience in fleet maintenance management, and backed by Mike Albert's Fleet Science. Based on your vehicle information, specifications, and usage, our maintenance team notifies you when to address preventative maintenance concerns to maximize uptime, control costs, and protect the longevity of your fleet vehicles. We can also connect you with best-in-industry maintenance shops and mobile services to make your fleet’s preventative maintenance as efficient as possible.

Keep your vehicles safe and in working order with mileage based maintenance alerts sent to you and your drivers. Your drivers will gain easy access to maintenance schedules and service providers via our mobile app. Whether you have light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles, we track recalls and ensure any repairs are done correctly and charged fairly. Your fleet vehicle's maintenance will remain in compliance and its costs will be controlled.

Vast network of trusted service providers.

When your vehicles are necessary to operate your business, downtime can cost more than just the final number on a maintenance invoice. With a national network of more than 36,000 trusted automotive service providers, we’ve secured the best parts prices and labor times. Need to use an out of network provider or already have a trusted service provider? No problem. We can work with the shop of your choice.

ASE-certified fleet maintenance technicians ensure your money is well-spent.

The secret to our top fleet maintenance management services is our ASE-certified technicians. Not only do they serve as a go-between, but they also possess the technical know-how to ask the right questions of mechanics and other vehicle service providers to make sure you’re not wasting any money.

They’ll ensure your vehicles are safe and warranties are upheld. With their help, you’ll stay ahead of OEM Recall alerts, warranty coverage management, and pursuit of goodwill (post warranty compensation) from the manufacturer.

Fleet maintenance companies streamline service management and control costs.

  • Recommended preventive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime, minimize service expenses, and protect vehicle longevity during supply chain challenges.
  • Access to 24/7 fleet emergency roadside assistance.
  • Payment solutions that keep your drivers from ever having to pay out of their own pockets.
  • Itemized invoices so you can see exactly what went into your vehicle maintenance.
  • Price shopping and negotiation—to find you the most cost-effective fix on a major repair and decline unnecessary repairs.
  • Our Overdrive® mobile app that makes it easy to stay up-to-date on scheduled maintenance.
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"The ASE-certified mechanics vet the labor and parts cost from the shop before they even send it to us for approval. We feel confident that they make sure we’re not being overcharged."

- Derrol Rankin, Fleet Manager at a medical equipment company

Overdrive is an all-in-one platform to navigate fleet information, ensuring drivers have what they need to stay safe and compliant. Our app relieves the pressure put on fleet managers and drivers to keep up with schedules. Benefits include:

  • Mileage reporting
    Record current odometer readings and designate personal and business usage.
  • Service center locator
    Locate service center locations with a number of filter capabilities.
  • Maintenance schedules
    View past and upcoming preventive service requirements as well as access to the full preventive maintenance schedule.
  • License and title access
    Get all your current registration details in one place.
  • Contact channels
    Receive direct access to channels for upcoming maintenance, registration renewal requirements, and mileage reporting.

We are more than just a fleet maintenance company, and maintenance isn’t the only fleet service we offer. From tolls to titles, browse our services page for our other management capabilities.

Let's chat about your fleet management needs.

Share you info with us and choose a time to discuss your fleet with a member of our team.

Let's chat about your fleet management needs.

Share you info with us and choose a time to discuss your fleet with a member of our team.