Between the technological advancement of vehicles and the demand for qualified mechanics, the cost of vehicle maintenance is on the rise. Manage your vehicle’s maintenance with a program powered by a dedicated team of ASE-certified mechanics who prioritize customer advocacy, you can gain control of vehicle maintenance costs .

Service providers for Class 4 and above

We partner with our nation’s top heavy-duty repair shops to ensure you gain access to fair pricing, expert technicians, and timely service fulfillment. From Kenworth, Peterbilt, and International dealerships to thousands of roadside truck centers, including many with mobile preventative maintenance and roadside service capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

Heavy-duty maintenance schedules

Decrease downtime by scheduling maintenance when a vehicle is not being used. Your drivers will receive advance notifications when their vehicles are due for maintenance. Then, via the Overdrive mobile app, drivers can easily schedule maintenance within our service provider network.

ASE certified experts with 70+ years of heavy-duty truck experience

When you have highly complex and powerful heavy-duty vehicles in your fleet, access to informed advice can be a crucial component of your success. Our maintenance team is equipped with decades of expertise and industry-recognized certifications, allowing them to serve as your dedicated resource for maintenance decisions that impact your business.

Heavy-duty vehicle lifecycles

While some heavy-duty vehicles may have extensive optimal operation lifetimes, maintenance expenses often begin grow just a few years into use – especially if engine hours or miles are high. Our experts can help you understand how best to maintain your vehicle for the long haul, while also knowing when your expenses have exceeded the vehicle value threshold.