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Forge ahead by greasing the wheels of your fleet management with the right technology.

Fleet management grows more complex every day. Fortunately, technologies that streamline and automate fleet management are advancing just as swiftly. But how do you know which technology solutions are the most cost effective for the specific needs of your fleet and organization? By analyzing your Fleet DNA™, we can steer you in the right direction.

Knowledge is power. Seize it with our fast, flexible fleet technologies.

We can set you up with the most advanced technology that gives you clear visibility into any aspect of your fleet in a flash. With the fleet data you need at your fingertips, at all times, you can quickly resolve issues, make enhancements, take proactive measures, and keep your team up to date.

Technology tools that keep you informed on your total fleet operations, 24/7, empower you to control many factors that determine your success, such as:

  • Total and itemized fleet expenses
  • Vehicle mileage and fuel/electricity usage
  • Vehicle repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Route optimization
  • Vehicle registration details
  • Driver behavior
  • Vehicle and driver compliance
  • Vehicle and driver assignments
  • Number and locations of your vehicles

We ensure our technology services deliver a positive ROI for you.

We test every technology solution we offer to ensure it facilitates improvements that truly boost your bottom line. As a result, clients who utilize our partners' technologies and our proprietary platforms— Albert IQ™ and Overdrive™—report highly successful outcomes, including:

Greater cost control

Maximized efficiency and productivity

Diminished downtime

Enhanced safety

Increased compliance

Better team communication

Improved customer service

Higher talent satisfaction and retention