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Welcome to the Fleet Studies Lab, the place to elevate your knowledge of fleet operations, from EVs to telematics, from sustainability to financial matters, and everything in between. Whether you’re at the “graduate” or the “freshman” level when it comes to your fleet skill set, you’ll find plenty of helpful guidance and insights here.

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Fleet Fundamentals


Debunking Five Common Fleet Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about fleet management. We’re setting the record straight in our latest Fleet Studies Lab lesson, “Debunking Five Common Fleet Myths.”

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Electric, Hybrid & Alt. Fuel


EVs 101: Energy Planning & Ops

Before adding EVs to your company's fleet, first consider the infrastructure and operational requirements necessary to keep EVs charged and on the road. For guidance on the fundamentals of EV energy planning and ops, check out this video and article.

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Data, Telematics, & Logistics


Commercial Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership: Three Key Considerations

There's more to commercial vehicle total cost of ownership (TCO) than meets the eye. Here's a nuanced look at TCO and what it means for fleet managers.

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Knowledge: The Ultimate Fleet Fuel

Check out our robust collection of articles, guides, and videos for the most relevant fleet information and actionable solutions that will help you shift your fleet into high gear.

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See how Fleet Science can raise your fleet GPA.

There’s something quite powerful in the combination of fleet data and street smarts.

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Data, Telematics, & Logistics


When to buy, sell, or trade your commercial fleet of vehicles.

It’s not the stock market, but effectively replacing fleet vehicles is all about timing too. Should they stay or should they go? It’s a question all fleet managers will eventually face.
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Fleet Fundamentals


What Is Vehicle Fleet Management? How to Manage a Fleet of Vehicles?

What is vehicle fleet management and how can it rev up your company’s profitability? We cover the basics and share an example of what goes into vehicle fleet management.
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Fleet Fundamentals


What Every CEO Should Know About Their Fleet: A Checklist

Keep your fleet operations running smoothly—and profitably—with custom maintenance programs, leasing for cash flow, and ways to improve team retention. Use this checklist to help streamline the top six operation essentials for your fleet of vehicles..

Fleet Scholar Spotlight

As our VP of Information Technology Services, Brian uses his extensive experience to create software solutions that drive efficiencies and deliver insights for our company and clients. Brian’s efforts are paying off. Internal efficiencies free up time for our associates to deliver higher-value services to our clients. Designing solutions that focus on usability means our clients aren’t bogged down working through processes and can quickly get to the information they need to manage their business.

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