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Fleet Safety & Accident Management

Driver safety programs and risk management

Prevent accidents and improve driver safety with insights and tools from our Accident Management program. It uses valuable data to defend against higher operating costs, increased downtime, and diminished productivity that inevitably comes with fleet-related accidents.

Our Data Includes:

Annual Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRS)

We will run, track, and analyze driver performance to reduce risky driver behaviors and accidents on the job. This helps uncover what type of potential risks there are and proactively stop accidents. It also allows you to continuously monitor drivers over time to discover which drivers continue to struggle with safety, despite training.

Preventable/Non-Preventable Accidents

We take a closer look at your accident data to determine if accidents are truly avoidable. It might surprise you just how many accidents you can prevent that you once thought you couldn’t.

Accident Types

Reviewing the various types of driver accidents helps determine which are most frequent. You can use this information to identify necessary training, issue changes in policy, determine the need for additional driver assistance technology, or simply reorganize vehicles or routes to directly address and prevent these recurring accidents.

Time of Day

Do most of your driver accidents seem to happen during rush-hour? After hours? When you have this kind of information, you have the opportunity to potentially restrict drive time and enforce safer driving routines.

Accident Locations

Discovering where most of your fleet accidents happen can help you arrange alternate routes, establish new policies, and provide driver-specific training.

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