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Driver safety programs and risk management

The importance of driver safety can’t be underscored enough. Poor safety training can not only result in preventable injuries to your employees, but it can also put your company at risk. On-the-job vehicle accidents that result in injuries cost companies upwards of $74,000 — and if an accident results in a fatality or very serious injury, that number skyrockets to half a million.

The good news is that most accidents are preventable. And if you’re making a concentrated effort to hire safe drivers, regularly train your staff and offer incentives for safe driving, you’re likely to have better results in preventing and managing accidents.

At Mike Albert, our fleet accident management program can help you improve fleet driver safety with insights and tools. The program uses valuable data to defend against higher operating costs, increased downtime, and diminished productivity that inevitably comes with preventable accidents.

How to strengthen your fleet safety


Our data includes everything you need to know about trends in accidents including the type, location, and time of day. Do you find that more than one fender bender has happened at a narrow 4-way stop? Perhaps there’s a safer route you can take. Has a driver collided into the car in front of them at a traffic light more than one time? Maybe you need better training on distracted driving. Once you have an idea of where things are going wrong, you can address that problem with data to back it up.


The last thing you want is a dangerous on-the-road vehicle failure. But if you’re not keeping your vehicles proactively maintained, then once your drivers hit the road, a crash becomes inevitable. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to realize you have faulty brakes, brake lights or air bags. Maintenance upkeep is key to fleet safety.


Our fleet accident management program takes data and maintenance into account while also ensuring that your drivers have the training necessary to stay safe. Choose a training program that sticks — so no matter where in the world your drivers are headed, fleet safety is always top of mind.

The data we collect includes:


We will run, track, and analyze driver performance to reduce risky driver behaviors and accidents on the job. This helps uncover the types of potential risks you face and proactively stop accidents. It also allows you to continuously monitor drivers over time to discover who continues to struggle with fleet driver safety, despite training.


We take a closer look at your data to determine if accidents are truly avoidable. It might surprise you just how many preventable accidents you have that you once thought couldn’t be stopped.


Reviewing the various types of driver accidents helps determine which are most frequent. You can use this information to:

  • Identify necessary training for fleet safety
  • Issue changes in policy, such as requiring drivers to be fleet safety certified
  • Determine the need for more driver assistance technology
  • Reorganize vehicles or routes to directly address preventable accidents


Do most of your fender benders seem to happen during rush-hour? Or after dark? When you have this kind of information, you have the opportunity to potentially restrict drive time and enforce better routes for fleet safety.


Discovering where most of your fleet accidents happen can help you arrange alternate routes, establish new policies, and provide driver-specific training.

Our company driver safety program is top-notch. Take a look at how else we improve driver safety by browsing our service offerings.


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