Vehicle Acquisition

Build a better fleet with a personalized acquisition strategy.

Once you've made the decision to buy or lease through careful analysis of your industry and business needs, we'll help you choose the appropriate vehicles for your fleet to reduce risk and deliver more profit into your business.

How it works:


We thoroughly assess every vehicle by leveraging exclusive data, including industry standards and similar business profiles. Our goal is to develop strategy for your business for replacement and acquisition of fleet vehicles by revealing the true cost of your fleet.

  • Find hidden value in your existing vehicles
  • Understand the health of your fleet vehicles and operations
  • Get to know how similar fleets operate


Get to the bottom of your biggest fleet challenges.

  • Control fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improve driver retention and safety
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with alternative fuel solutions
  • Explore the future of autonomous fleet vehicles

Mobility Planning

Learn how to keep both your drivers and your clients happy.

  • Understand your day-to-day fleet vehicle usage with a truck team ride-along
  • Gain industry insights and get advice on your vehicle options
  • Create a vehicle strategy to meet your mobility needs
  • Create a proper vehicle lifecycle strategy to optimize your investment

Leverage our OEM relationships. By ordering direct from the manufacturer of your choice, you gain access to our discounts no matter the number of vehicles.

Once you made your selection we take it from there. We work with the manufacturers throughout production.

  • Branding - Your vehicle receives the correct logo, contact info or other art at a trusted vehicle graphics partner.
  • Upfit - We send your vehicle to one of our vetted upfitters to ensure the equipment is installed correctly.
  • Titles & Tags - Our auto tag team works with the state DMV to ensure it's registered and has the necessary plates and titles.
  • Quality Checks - We QC the vehicle, upfit and wrap to ensure it's what we promised.
  • Delivery - We schedule delivery to your drivers. Your drivers receive their road ready vehicle so they can focus on on their job.

Ready to get started? Browse our additional services or take our free fleet assessment. Whether it’s vehicle acquisition, DOT compliance or upfitting — we’ll give you a selection of services that will help you the most.