Inventory Management

Our Truck Team can help plan your cargo space to improve inventory management. Knowing what’s in your truck will help you keep weight down and productivity up. From making bins and shelves transparent and well organized, to a barcode and scanning system — upfitting your vehicle properly will help your team get their job done well.

Product Options

Shelves with drawers

Organize tools and supplies with racks and adjustable shelves.

Storage bins

Prevent lost inventory with bins and containers.

Galvanized steel bins

Add durable steel storage options for heavier equipment.

Pull out shelves

Interior of this box body is organized with shelves, pull out drawers, and bins.

Racks with pull out drawers

Shelves designed to hold and secure pullout drawers with bins.

Cabling inventory management

Removable wire spools and adjustable shelving intended for storage of electrical equipment.

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