Cutaway Van

The full frame design of a cutaway van can handle a wide variety of upfit types, including utility and service, ambulance and rescue as well as shuttle buses. Our Truck Team can help you upfit your truck body to meet the high demands of your business. See how we can help you maximize your vehicle's performance every time it leaves the garage by making the right decisions up front.

Product Options

Partition with Door

Improve the safety of your van by including a partition. It protects the cab and allows driver access to the cargo area without exiting the van. This partition features a mesh top and door.

Shelves with drawers

Organize tools and supplies with racks and adjustable shelves.

Cord storage & Utility hooks

Include hooks for cord storage in your work truck. You can store hoses, ropes, safety vests and more with this small detail.

Racks with pull out drawers

Shelves designed to hold and secure pullout drawers with bins.

Pull out shelves

Interior of this box body is organized with shelves, pull out drawers, and bins.

Galvanized steel bins

Add durable steel storage options for heavier equipment.

Bin system

Plan your box truck for delivery of oversize cargo and installation. Our Truck Team can help choose the best solution for access to cargo space.


Optimize open space around the cargo you plan to carry. This space has closed-side shelves for storing small tools and supplies.

Translucent roof

Use natural light to increase visibility into the cargo area.

Roll Up door

Use natural light to increase visibility into the cargo area.

Stowed railgate

Our Truck Team can help you choose the best means to access your cargo area- Multiple configurations and capacities are available.

Lowered railgate

Load and unload heavy cargo with a railgate. Our truck design team can help you choose a gate that will meet your load requirements.

Large freight options

Insulated vans and trucks that help you deliver your products. Our Truck Team can help you design the right vehicle.

Ceiling mounted ladder rack

Interior rack for ladder storage is a key way to prevent theft.

Shelf mounted ladder rack

Storing ladders on interior racks is one way our Truck Team has adapted a cargo area to meet delivery requirements.

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