Van Partitions & Bulkheads

A partition, sometimes called a bulkhead, is a small investment for climate control, organization, safety, and noise reduction. At Mike Albert, we give you options so you can have the best fit for your van. Talk to our Truck Team to see how you can improve the overall efficiency, comfort, and safety of your work van with van partitions and bulkheads.

Product Options

Partition with Door

Improve the safety of your van by including a partition. It protects the cab and allows driver access to the cargo area without exiting the van. This partition features a mesh top and door.


The majority of vehicles can have a partition installed to keep your driver safe. Our Truck Team will assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

Sealed partition

Sealed partitions completely separate the cab from the cargo space. This is important when transporting chemicals that emit harmful fumes.

Workbench and Bulkhead

A bulkhead with a door allows driver access to cargo work area without exiting the vehicle. The workbench with drawers and the mounted inverter provide power and functionality to improve driver productivity.

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