High Roof Van

High roof vans are becoming the go-to solution for contractors and passenger transportation. Our Truck Team will troubleshoot your workflow to develop solutions specific to your trade and geared to maximum productivity. Look inside the best fleet trucks to see how we can create the perfect fit for all your equipment and put everything within easy reach.

Product Options

Shelf mounted ladder rack

Storing ladders on interior racks is one way our Truck Team has adapted a cargo area to meet delivery requirements.

Inventory management for high roof van

High roof van with side and rear door access allow drivers to easily navigate inventory. Bins and shelf options are endless. Galvanized steel contractor package.


The majority of vehicles can have a partition installed to keep your driver safe. Our Truck Team will assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

Partition with Door

Improve the safety of your van by including a partition. It protects the cab and allows driver access to the cargo area without exiting the van. This partition features a mesh top and door.

Pull down ladder rack

Ladder rack options are endless. Inform your choice by understanding which application is best. This design stores the ladder on the roof while moving. Drivers use a lever to lower the rack. Our Truck Team is here to help.

Overhead product racks

Heavy-duty, over-head product racks extend storage capabilities for oversize products that need rack support.

Used in these Industries