Ten-step guide to setting up your HVAC service van

Service truck setup ideas can get tricky, especially when you want your vehicle to keep your drivers safe, increase productivity and protect inventory.

Service van organization ideas

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A well-used HVAC service van is going to get messy. While that’s inevitable, everything still has a place. Or it should. But service truck setup ideas can get tricky, especially when you want your vehicle to keep your drivers safe, increase productivity and protect inventory.

Mike Albert’s Truck Design Team has worked with hundreds of different commercial and residential HVAC businesses. With over 120 years of combined experience, they have plenty of box truck shelving ideas to make sure your work van organization is top-notch.

For service truck setup ideas, look no further than these top ten must-haves for building a best-in-class HVAC service van or vehicle.

1. Storage racks. If you’re stuck on how to organize your box truck shelving, we have ideas. We recommend that you choose service van shelving racks based on the number of tanks your delivery route requires. Do you have racks that stay empty? Use that space for something else.

2. Storage for small odds and ends. Keeping little pieces and parts in designated areas is key to inventory management. A good HVAC van setup includes enclosed and secure drawers for your small fittings. Whether you use fixed or portable drawers, make sure they close securely to keep tools organized and easy to access.

3. A separating partition. Your work van organization should include a bulkhead or partition. These reinforce the security of your cargo space to keep things from moving around and interfering with the driver or passenger. A heavy-duty bulkhead is critical for keeping drivers safe from shifting cargo.

4. Interior workspace. Rain or shine, you need space for light machining or fabrication. Don’t let bad weather get you off schedule. Be sure your work van gives you the option to work under cover.

5. A handy power inverter. You don’t want to be stuck on-site asking for electricity. Always include additional power options in the cargo area of your vehicle to avoid awkward encounters and show customers you came prepared.

6. Top-notch security. Don’t become a victim of theft. Lock down thermostats and other expensive tools. In turn, this will help you easily maintain inventory of the items. For extra security, we recommend adding deadbolts with key-fob access to your service van shelving.

7. Interior lighting. Great lighting will relieve you of the hassle of trying to find items on dreary days, late nights and early mornings. In addition to dome lamps, include additional lighting in your HVAC van setup to make it easier to find what you need and keep your appointment moving quickly.

8. Dry filter storage. A great HVAC van setup must ensure a clean, dry space for filters. Space size may vary, so measure the dimensions of any filter that you will inventory, then account for how many your route requires. That will determine the size of the area.

9. Installation gear shelving. To protect your costly inventory, your service van shelving needs a designated space specifically for storing things like pipes and spools of wire. Be sure to securely fasten this gear.

10. Ladder racks. Storing your ladder on the outside may seem like the easiest option. But in cases of inclement weather, an interior ladder storage rack will ensure you have a squeaky-clean visit to a customer’s home. Consider ladder size, safety and vehicle type when choosing a rack.

Keep in mind every job is different. We’ve only scratched the surface of service truck shelving ideas to make your HVAC service van or vehicle work harder for your business. At Mike Albert, our Truck Design Team will help you make sure your van upfitting improves productivity, driver safety and customer experience so you can focus on growing your business.

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