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Is your fleet racking up expenses and killing productivity? Our fleet assessment will tell you why. Watch this video to learn how.

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Transform your fleet into a powerful business force.

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These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Insights that can help you nail your business goals.
  • Advice on how to sharpen your edge and image.
  • Next steps to help you harness your fleet costs to match your needs.
  • Guidance on how to free up your cash flow.
  • Ways to supersize your fleet’s safety, efficiency, productivity, marketing potential and affordability.

What can you expect once we contact you?

  1. Our analysts will work with you to collect the data on all your vehicles.
  2. We'll crunch your data and benchmark your numbers against fleets of similar size and makeup.
  3. Once we determine the total cost to own and operate each car, truck or van, we'll review your fleet's health with you.

Don't take our word for it. Hear from one of our clients.

The manager of services and operations at Bancsource, a national ATM business, describes how the Mike Albert fleet pros helped relieve his heavy burden of managing, equipping, maintaining and remarketing a jumble of 250 company vehicles—giving him and his team more time and energy to dedicate to boosting sales.

"Today we have the right number of vehicles, at the right mileage, with the right equipment inside to properly service not only our customers, but our internal stakeholders and external stakeholders." - Manager of services and operations,Bancsource

Your assessment is yours to keep, no strings attached.

Oftentimes, our clients are tasked with the costly and time-consuming responsibilty of fleet management, in addition to their core job functions. If you want relief from the stress that comes with managing your fleet, we’re happy to help. We offer a number of best-in-class fleet management services that save you time, hassle and money — all while giving you data-driven actionable insights. We love fleet, so you don't have to.

What to expect when you choose to partner with Mike Albert.

1. Consultation & Planning

To help you achieve your business goals, your Mike Albert fleet expert will work with you to assess your operational needs and opportunities and create a long-term vehicle plan including:

  • The number and type of vans, trucks, and vehicle equipment you need to optimize efficiency and customer service.
  • When to add more vehicles to your fleet to keep up with business growth.
  • When and how to sell and replace your vehicles before they start losing you money.
  • Opportunities to "right size" your fleet.

2. Fleet Services

We offer a full suite of fleet management services designed to streamline your operations. Plus, every client and driver gets complimentary access to Overdrive™, our fleet management platform.

3. Acquisition & Upfit

We’ll leverage our relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to get the right vehicles for the job and upfit them with the necessary equipment and branding — all at the best possible price, no matter what size your fleet is.

4. Financing Strategies

We’ll work with you to customize a financing strategy that reduces your out-of-pocket costs, preserves your lines of credit, and frees up your capital for other business uses.

5. Onboarding & Delivery

We’ll take care of everything from order to delivery – including titles and registrations – so your vehicles arrive ready for the road and the job. (Add something with upfit, wrap, and turnkey). Best of all you will be surrounded by our client support team, who ensure you are satsified and get the support you need to succeed.

Equipped with years of fleet data expertise, real-world fleet experience, and a zeal for helping you succeed.

If your business depends on vehicles to generate revenue, you will appreciate the benefits provided by a fleet management program from Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. Every element is crafted to ensure your fleet management strategy remains adaptable, responsive, and seamless.

A strategic assessment of your current fleet management situation and analysis of future fleet goals, allows us to effectively:

  • Evaluate the impact of depreciation on your cash flow
  • Determine the total cost of ownership for your assets
  • Develop predictive models to negotiate the balance between maintenance and replacement
  • Assess fleet capitalization, cyclical revenue streams, credit availability
  • Evaluate fleet liability and the effectiveness of current driver safety initiatives