Cargo Access

The type of cargo, the terrain, the weight — all play into the decisions our Truck Team makes in recommending the right cargo access equipment for your work truck. Lucky for you, our team has managed thousands of upfits in every possible configuration. They know how to make the right decision.

Product Options

Stowed manual folding ramp

This ramp design folds into the back of the van.

Slide out walk ramp

Improve the accessibility, safety, and productivity of your driver by considering a slide-out walk ramp to access cargo area.

Truckunder liftgate

There are a variety of options to access heavy and oversized cargo. This gate folds closed and retracts to tuck under the body of the truck.

Lowered railgate

Load and unload heavy cargo with a railgate. Our truck design team can help you choose a gate that will meet your load requirements.

Stowed railgate

Our Truck Team can help you choose the best means to access your cargo area- Multiple configurations and capacities are available.

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