From construction to landscaping to wholesale delivery, the cab forward design is efficient and dependable making it one of the best fleet trucks. Also known as cab-over-engine, it allows for a tighter turn radius for urban deliveries. Working through the details of what your hauling and the conditions your facing, our Truck Team can help you upfit your vehicle to over deliver.

Product Options

High Roof Van with Manual folding ramp

Stowed manual folding ramp

This ramp design folds into the back of the van.

Lowered railgate

Load and unload heavy cargo with a railgate. Our truck design team can help you choose a gate that will meet your load requirements.
Delivery trailer with mounted lift and branded wrap

Stowed railgate

Our Truck Team can help you choose the best means to access your cargo area- Multiple configurations and capacities are available.
Cut-away van with wood floor and tons of storage space

Hardwood floor

A hardwood floor looks professional and is durable.


We can insulate any vehicle you are using for delivery. From vans of all shapes and sizes to full-sized cargo haulers.
temperature controlled van


Choose the refrigeration unit based on the size of the space you need to cool.