mechanics truck with a variety of options including a crane attachment

The customizable work truck cab and chassis offers the power to tackle the toughest jobs — provided it is properly upfitted to handle them. From dump bodies to cranes, buckets, to storage — these versatile vehicles are the choice of municipalities, mechanics, telecommunications and more. Talk to our Truck Team about how you can maximize your truck’s potential.

Product Options

Bucket Lift on the top of a Service Truck for Telecommunications

Bucket Lift

Reach new heighte when you add a Bucket Lift to your cab and chasis.
utility crane medduty


Upfitting with cranes allows you to add more utility to your truck without having to bring additional vehicles to your work site.
Service Body with Crane


Low side utility body with crane, generator, pullout drawers and remote locks. Class 4-7
front of service body with product racks and tool boxes

Overhead product racks

Heavy-duty, over-head product racks extend storage capabilities for oversize products that need rack support.

Flat bed bodies

This truck has an integrated tapered bulkhead and stake rack pockets. There is also an access door in the center of the flatbed to reveal a gooseneck hitch for additional towing capabilities.
Slide out shelves

Slide Out Shelves

The WallSlide System is a steel framework mounted inside the van with aluminum sliding bare walls. You can mount most brands and sizes of shelving to WallSlide. You can be creative as need to be when you choose how to best maximize the storage space in your van.
utility accessories such as tool boxes and generator on the back of a service truck

Air Compressors, Generators, & Welders

Secure your tools onto any service body. Ask our Truck Team which is best for your delivery and service requirements.
Service body showing its storage capabilities

Open Service Body

An open service body provides more storage - whether that be in the service body itself or overhead storage for larger items.
Enclosed service body

Closed Service body

Closed service bodies provide the same storage capabilities as an open body, but are enclosed on the top for more protection and security from the elements.
utility accessories such as tool boxes and generator on the back of a medium service truck

Mechanics Truck

A mechanics truck provides ample storage space for all your tools and utility equipment.
Generator attachment on top of service truck


We provide storage options so you can take all of your welding equipment with you on the go.
van delivery ramp upfit133


Attached Vice on the back of a Work Truck


An attached vice allows greater versaility when on the road. It's a vital tool that can provide securing and clamping services while on the job.
LED Light on the back of a Truck


Worklites provide you with the light you need to keep working. These lights illuminate the back of your dark vehicle so you have excellent visibility to get the job done.
spray lining ervice bodies

Spray Lining

Spray lining provides a protective coating for the surface of your vehicle. Whether its a van compartment or truck bed, spray lining can protect from rust, rub spots, and water.

Roll Up door

Use natural light to increase visibility into the cargo area.
box truck with bay door

Translucent roof

Use natural light to increase visibility into the cargo area.

Double doors

Getting your equipment in and out of your truck is made easier with double doors that open outward in ensure maximum access to your truck.


Optimize open space around the cargo you plan to carry. This space has closed-side shelves for storing small tools and supplies.

Bin system

Plan your box truck for delivery of oversize cargo and installation. Our Truck Team can help choose the best solution for access to cargo space.
High Roof Van with Manual folding ramp

Stowed manual folding ramp

This ramp design folds into the back of the van.
stowed walk out ramp for box trucks

Slide out walk ramp

Improve the accessibility, safety, and productivity of your driver by considering a slide-out walk ramp to access cargo area.

Truckunder liftgate

There are a variety of options to access heavy and oversized cargo. This gate folds closed and retracts to tuck under the body of the truck.
Delivery trailer with mounted lift and branded wrap

Stowed railgate

Our Truck Team can help you choose the best means to access your cargo area- Multiple configurations and capacities are available.

Lowered railgate

Load and unload heavy cargo with a railgate. Our truck design team can help you choose a gate that will meet your load requirements.
medium duty municipal snow truck without snow plow attached


Plows can be mounted to a pickup or cab and chasis and changed out as needed.
ceiling mounted ladder racks on standard van

Ceiling mounted ladder rack

Interior rack for ladder storage is a key way to prevent theft.
shelf mounted ladder rack inside cargo van

Shelf mounted ladder rack

Storing ladders on interior racks is one way our Truck Team has adapted a cargo area to meet delivery requirements.