Pickup Truck

This work horse of the fleet offers a wide variety of upfit solutions that will transform your vehicle into the most important piece of equipment in your garage. See how Mike Albert Upfitters designs and builds pickups to be the best fleet truck — transporting all of the tools and materials you need out in the field both safely and securely.

Product Options

Truck Caps & Toppers

A popular option when your go-to vehicle is a pickup truck. Choose from many different options, configurations, and materials to meet your job site requirements.

Optimized work truck bumper

Plan every space on your work truck. This bumper includes attached vice, hanging steps and platform.

Plow attachment

Trust our Truck Team to help you choose the right plow. They’ll review everything from vehicle type to your location and job.

Straight plow on pickup

Plows vary greatly in form and function. Our Truck Team knows them all and can help guide you to the right one for your vehicles.

Salt spreader

Salt spreader options vary in size and fit. Our Truck Team can help match you with the right solution.

Hanging steps

Durable, safer access to equipment.

Wet Kit

Spreaders adds a liquid ice-melting agent to salt before application.

Stowed manual folding ramp

This ramp design folds into the back of the van.

Overhead product racks

Heavy-duty, over-head product racks extend storage capabilities for oversize products that need rack support.

Used in these Industries