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Welcome to the Fleet Studies Lab, the place to elevate your knowledge of fleet operations, from EVs to telematics, from sustainability to financial matters, and everything in between. Whether you’re at the “graduate” or the “freshman” level when it comes to your fleet skill set, you’ll find plenty of helpful guidance and insights here.

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Data, Telematics, & Logistics


Turning spreadsheets into stories: How two companies uncovered the gold in their fleet data.

Fleet data almost always tells a story, but it’s not always obvious what it is. Usually, it takes extra effort and time to pinpoint the narratives to make the data more relevant, meaningful, and most importantly, actionable.

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Electric, Hybrid & Alt. Fuel


Achieving Corporate Sustainability Goals Through Fleets

Improve the sustainability of your fleet vehicles by transitioning to EV, implementing proactive maintenance, and optimizing operations through data.

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Electric, Hybrid & Alt. Fuel


Introducing EVs Into Your Fleet. What Your Employees Need To Know

Fleet managers are transitioning to EV vehicles and need to understand battery charging, infrastructure considerations, and required maintenance.

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Knowledge: the ultimate fleet fuel.

Check out our robust collection of articles, guides, and videos for the most relevant fleet information and actionable solutions that will help you shift your fleet into high gear.

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See how Fleet Science can raise your fleet GPA.

There’s something quite powerful in the combination of fleet data and street smarts.

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Smart Cities


A definitive guide to smart cities.

If you’ve ever sat idling at a red light on a desolate road, spent far too much time searching for a parking spot, or found yourself walking…
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Data, Telematics, & Logistics


When to buy, sell, or trade your commercial fleet of vehicles.

Should they stay or should they go? It’s a question all fleet managers will eventually face. Replacing fleet vehicles is all about timing…
1646872137 What Is Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management

Fleet Fundamentals


What Is vehicle Fleet Management?

What is vehicle fleet management? Vehicle fleet management is a series of complex tasks that keep a business's transportation vehicles…

Fleet Scholar Spotlight

Mary Perry is a Client Partnership Manager and leader of our Express team. She is a subject matter expert in fleet electrification and process optimization. Mary's tenure at Mike Albert has included various roles that allow her to closely support our clients and ensure we are consistantly fulfilling our corporate values.

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