Truck & Van Accessories

Our Truck Team will advise you in creating the perfect work van. There are always ways to add more functionality to your vehicle. At Mike Albert, we offer additional storage, workbenches, and equipment to make it happen for any industry. Truck and van accessories are the finishing touches you need to bring your upfit up to your industry standards.

Product Options

Cord storage & Utility hooks

Include hooks for cord storage in your work truck. You can store hoses, ropes, safety vests and more with this small detail.

Pipe and ladder storage

Safe, secure storage for your oversized equipment.

Workbench with tool storage

Optimize the interior of your cargo area with a workbench that includes tool storage. This protects the driver from the elements and increases productivity.

Optimized work truck bumper

Plan every space on your work truck. This bumper includes attached vice, hanging steps and platform.

Interior fan

Adding ventilation to a cargo area is critical when transporting chemicals. This roof mounted fan includes a switch.

Cargo Security

Front and rear partition with reinforced sides add extra security. Our truck design team can guide you to choose the right partition.

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