Technology behind Albert IQ

Albert IQ, is a cloud-based platform that tracks and reports your vehicle health, vehicle behavior and driver behavior. It alerts you to data that you need to keep your fleet running as safely and cost-effectively as possible at all times.


The power to avert hazardous and costly commercial vehicle problems is at your fingertips with the right fleet data analytics tool.

When it comes to your fleet, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. On the other hand, it’s a waste of your valuable time to sift through all the overwhelming amount of data that can be collected from your vehicles.

The ideal solution would be a tool that extracts just the information you need – nothing more, nothing less – that would alert you to issues that require correction before they lead to breakdowns, accidents, violations, major repairs or worse.

Fortunately, that tool exists in the form of fleet management analytics technology. And Mike Albert Fleet Solutions now offers the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive version of it – Albert IQ.

What is Albert IQ?

Albert IQ is a cloud-based fleet data analytics platform that continuously monitors the mechanical health of your vehicles as well as when, where and how long they’re used and how they’re driven. With the latest serverless technologies and user-friendly fleet management dashboards, it serves up quick and easy access to the data insights you need to keep your fleet running as safely and cost-effectively as possible.

Albert IQ is not an off-the-shelf software product with a few modifications for fleet. It has been uniquely designed and developed, from the ground up, for the fleet industry by the fleet experts at Mike Albert. Our ASE-certified maintenance team, our IT team and other Mike Albert associates painstakingly worked together to create a solution that tracks and analyzes the most important data points you need to know to optimize vehicle health, vehicle behavior and driver behavior. And to make AlbertIQ effortless to navigate, our team designed simple and intuitive interfacing and settings that let you control the specifics of the data you want to receive.

How Albert IQ works to make your fleet safer, more efficient and more compliant

Fleet vehicle health monitoring

AlbertIQ collects hundreds of mechanical diagnostics from your vehicles, crunches the data, and accepts 40 or more of the top items. It scores them in order of importance and cross-references information to uncover sources of problems. Then it creates a real-time report on each vehicle’s health and generates tickets. Open recall data is collected and ticketed as well. Our maintenance team reviews the tickets, consolidates the alerts that need the most immediate attention, and sends notifications to you and your drivers via emails and our Overdrive app.

Fleet vehicle behavior monitoring

AlbertIQ acquires data on vehicle usage and sends a report when a trip is outside business hours and days, the number of authorized stops and trips in a day is exceeded, and the authorized distance and total trip time in a day is exceeded.

Driver behavior monitoring

AlbertIQ compiles data on how each vehicle is driven and sends a report in cases of speeding, seat belt nonengagement and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.

The benefits of the fleet management analytics AlbertIQ provides you With AlbertIQ, you can be proactive and resolve potential problems in their earliest stages, empowering you to:

-Increase the safety of drivers, passengers and others on the road -Prevent major, costly repairs -Minimize driver downtime from breakdowns and major repairs -Ensure driver compliance with company guidelines and safeguards -Maximize the life of the vehicle -Maintain the vehicle’s value for higher resale -Prevent missed customer appointments -Protect your company’s reputation and brand image

A real-world example of Albert IQ at work

Let's say a diagnostic code for an overcharging battery creates a “red alert” status on the Albert IQ dashboard. A Mike Albert maintenance team member will immediately notify the fleet administrator and driver of the issue via email and the Mike Albert Overdrive app and recommend the best, closest service provider who can make an accurate diagnosis and repair.

The driver then takes the vehicle to the shop where they find the problem is a failed alternator, with a total repair cost of $595. Now imagine if the problem had not been caught in time. It could have resulted in wiring harness damage, a battery meltdown, or an electronic module failure, costing anywhere from $900 to $4,500 to repair.

Instead, because AlbertIQ revealed the problem promptly, downtime was minimized and both the driver and the vehicle were returned to a productive state — safely and with minimal expense.

Learn more about Albert IQ here.

About Mike Albert

Mike Albert is a future-focused mobility company, 62+ years in the making, that’s home to three business units – Fleet Solutions, Sales & Service and Rental. Mike Albert is proudly rooted in Cincinnati, but serves clients nationwide. Whether clients need the ways and means to transport people, products or services, Mike Albert associates pride themselves on matching them with the right vehicles, financing and services to help them achieve their goals today and tomorrow.

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, a top 10 national fleet management company, offers end-to-end services including vehicle acquisition and remarketing, leasing and financing, maintenance management, fuel management, telematics data and vehicle equipment and branding. The company serves fleets of any size, in any industry from pest control to grounds management to food and beverage to municipalities.

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