Preventive maintenance for fleet: the good, the bad and the “ugh”

January 8, 2019

The pros of preventive maintenance

Following a preventive maintenance schedule according to OEM recommendations is the best way to optimize your vehicles’ safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and life. Plus, it can significantly reduce driver and vehicle downtime by helping to prevent dangerous, costly breakdowns and hefty, expensive repairs.

The cons of preventive maintenance

Oil and filter changes. Tune-ups. Fluid flushes. Tire rotations. Brake inspections. Staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance is no small feat. Especially for an entire fleet. How do you keep up with the maintenance schedules of numerous vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively when you’ve got a business to run? If the responsibility for this major task falls to your drivers, it takes their time and focus away from doing their jobs. As a result, both your driver and customer satisfaction can suffer.

The ugly, unpredictable repairs

Even if you do regularly service your vehicles, there’s still the chance they will break down suddenly or get into an accident. What do you do then? Which repair shop do you trust? Do you really need the repairs the shop suggests? If so, is their price fair? Will they fix it right? Does the cost of the repair outweigh the vehicle’s value? If you get the repair, will you need to secure a rental vehicle? You’re left spending a lot of time deliberating the right answers to these questions while your driver is stuck without transportation, losing time on the job, waiting for your go-ahead to get the repair or not.

The easy answer: partner with a professional fleet maintenance management team

Working with a trusted, experienced company that eats, sleeps, and breathes fleet solutions can take the pressure of fleet maintenance off your drivers, your fleet manager and you. Plus, for both your scheduled preventive maintenance and unplanned repairs, partnering with maintenance management pros can boost your employee (driver) retention, productivity, and total cost savings.

When looking for the right maintenance management experts for your business, make sure they offer:

  1. A checklist of OEM recommended safety and maintenance tasks for each vehicle.
  2. A customized schedule of maintenance intervals (with alerts when service is due) that factors in the severity of your vehicles’ operating conditions.
  3. Pre-approved automotive service vendors with experienced, certified technicians.
  4. Convenient, automated digital formats for payment solutions, invoicing, driver write-ups, service appointment scheduling, and tracking and recording of mileage, fuel costs, maintenance, and repair.
  5. Regular, automated reports of maintenance and repair activity and cost for each vehicle so you can best determine when to replace a vehicle.
  6. Expert service advisors who act as liaisons between you and vendors to make sure you get the right repair, done right, at the best price.
  7. Clients report a 10-15% savings with Mike Albert Fleet Maintenance Program

    The seasoned pros at Mike Albert Fleet Solutions have helped clients like you manage their fleet maintenance for more than 30 years. They know the ins and outs of minimizing maintenance and repair costs while maximizing the quality and safety of your vehicles. In fact, clients who compare maintenance expenses before and after participating in the Mike Albert program report an average savings of 13% or $111 per vehicle per year.

    That’s because the Mike Albert maintenance experts are ASE Blue Seal certified technicians. They know exactly how much time it takes and what it costs to get the job done right. They monitor and approve every planned and unplanned automotive service to prevent overcharging, unnecessary work and upsells. And if the price of a service hits your cost threshold, they immediately contact you and advise you whether the repair is worth it or not.

    Plus, Mike Albert has built strong business relationships with a national network of more than 36,000 trusted automotive service providers where they’ve secured the best parts prices and labor times. And when work is done outside the network, the Mike Albert team shops around for the fairest price and negotiates for the most cost-effective repair.


    Mike Albert’s streamlined fleet maintenance program also offers you:

        • Access to 24/7 fleet emergency roadside assistance.
        • Itemized invoices so you can see exactly what went into your vehicle maintenance.
        • Billing mistake corrections.
        • Rental vehicle management.
        • Warranty coverage management.
        • Pursuit of goodwill (post warranty compensation) from the manufacturer.


    Mike Albert helps boost your driver productivity and satisfaction, too

    The Mike Albert maintenance program makes it a breeze for drivers to ensure their vehicles remain safe and in good working condition. With the Mike Albert Overdrive mobile app, drivers are alerted when a routine service is soon due and provides a directory of pre-approved service vendors to make it easy for them to schedule service at the place and time that’s best for them.

    Once your driver drops the vehicle at the service vendor, the Mike Albert maintenance team takes over. They work with the shop to determine the type and price of maintenance or repair so your driver’s experience is hassle-free. And your driver will never need to pay out of their own pocket due to Mike Albert’s automated payment solutions.

    See for yourself why Mike Albert clients claim that their maintenance program consistently meets or exceeds their expectations. Let Mike Albert manage all your vehicles’ maintenance and repair needs and watch your productivity, employee satisfaction and savings go up.

    Click here to learn more about our Managed Maintenance Program.


Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has guided thousands of clients just like you in getting their fleet under control.

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