The Financial Impact of Vehicle Fleet Management

Does financial control of your fleet—one of your largest business expenses—seem out of reach? Not if Mike Albert is your vehicle fleet management consultant! Our continual monitoring and proactive recommendations help you regain financial control of your fleet and strengthen your financial profile.


Your dedicated Mike Albert Client Development Manager (CDM) will craft a strategy that’s just right for you and your business. After implementing the strategy, your CDM will stay focused on your fleet, by continually monitoring the situation, offering ongoing assessments and making recommendations to maximize cash flow and reduce costs:

  • Does your current program minimize risk?
  • What variable expenses can drive down costs?
  • How often should you be cycling your fleet?


We will address additional vehicle fleet management expense issues such as:

  • Evaluation of cash flow and the impact of depreciation
  • Access to capital in today’s unpredictable credit market
  • Variable cost elements that impact fleet expense
  • How saving a penny per mile can save thousands each year
  • Strategies to lower your total cost of ownership


At Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, our extensive suite of services will be adapted to meet your own unique financial goals and provide innovative vehicle fleet management solutions.


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