Truck Mounted Equipment

Your work truck setup will be the difference in doing a job and calling for backup. We offer products including hanging steps, cranes, bucket lifts, generators, and more. Rely on our Truck Team’s expertise to customize your work truck setup so you can maximize your time out on the job.

Product Options

Bucket Lift

Reach new heighte when you add a Bucket Lift to your cab and chasis.

Crane winch

Mechanic bodies are often designed to accommodate a crane and winch to move heavy equipment.

Attached vice

Attaching a vice and other tools to your work truck in convenient areas can improve productivity.

Hanging steps

Durable, safer access to equipment.


Upfitting with cranes allows you to add more utility to your truck without having to bring additional vehicles to your work site.

Air Compressors, Generators, & Welders

Secure your tools onto any service body. Ask our Truck Team which is best for your delivery and service requirements.

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