Temperature controlled trucks

Specialty delivery vehicle with 3 separate zones for room temperature, cold, and frozen items.


Temperature Control The temperature of any of the three zones within the truck are all controlled from the cab. Drivers can adjust settings to accommodate their cargo blowing dry cold air to one section, while adjusting another to keep ice cream frozen. They can monitor and manage all of these temperature controls without needing to halt their deliveries.

Temperature flexibility
The unique design of these refrigerated trucks allow drivers not only create three separate temperature controlled compartments, but to also adjust the size and capacity of each section as well. Moveable, insulated walls can be adjusted into a variety of configurations to accommodate each delivery. The Carrier cooling units are able to maintain the proper temperature — no matter if the frozen section makes up ten percent or 100 percent of the delivery.

Temperature Controlled Truck Video Transcript Topicz had a unique situation. They were delivering dry goods to convenience stores throughout five states in this local area and they were asked to start delivering frozen. So we gave them a frozen compartment and eventually had to give them a cold compartment. So this is a one of a kind truck.

It gives them the capability to deliver ice cream, milk in the cold section. And dry goods in the rear such as cigarettes and dry goods you’ll see in convenience stores throughout the United States.

We have multiple cooling Carrier units up in the front which we can control the temperature from inside the cab of any one compartment. We can blow more dry cold air to the rear. We can freeze down to 20 below. And we can also cool to a 42 average on the cold side just to keep milk cold but not freezing.

We’ve worked with the Topicz of the world and they’ve shown dramatic savings in their cost to deliver products to the field.

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