What do you get when you develop a platform using the latest serverless technologies to merge fleet telematics data with the expertise of the Mike Albert maintenance team? Albert IQ: a world-class vehicle monitoring solution that reveals the most important things you need to know about your fleet to help enhance safety, productivity, customer goodwill, vehicle performance, and value.

Monitor vehicle health to preserve the life of your fleet vehicles and improve driver safety.

On board vehicle health monitoring

Once we set up your telematics solution to fit your fleet size and needs or tap into your existing hardware, Albert IQ collects hundreds of different diagnostics and fault codes from your vehicles. Other data sources are tapped as well, including one that checks for recalls on your vehicles.

Albert IQ vehicle health report

In real time, our cloud-based platform consumes,processes, and interprets all the gathered data. It extracts the actionable insights that matter most by using machine learning to crunch the data and score it in terms of importance. It also cross-references information to discover underlying sources of vehicle health problems. Then it creates a real-time vehicle health report on each vehicle and any recalls that are generating tickets for issues that need attention immediately (red alert) or soon (yellow alert).

Maintenance team review

Our ASE-Certified maintenance team reviews the tickets, ensuring the issues are truly deserving of attention, and sends notifications of the issues to the appropriate drivers and fleet administrators via our app, Overdrive.

"AlbertIQ has been a wonderful tool to have for Bancsource. With the help of the Mike Albert team we have been able to identify and quickly repair necessary recalls and engine faults to keep our drivers safe on the roads..."

- Bancsource