What do you get when you develop a platform using the latest serverless technologies to merge fleet telematics data with the expertise of the Mike Albert maintenance team? Albert IQ: a world-class vehicle monitoring solution that reveals the most important things you need to know about your fleet to help enhance safety, productivity, customer goodwill, vehicle performance, and value.

Fleet monitoring plans

Choose the level of support that meets your specific needs.

Our comprehensive Albert IQ plan includes the use of a Geotab telematics device, installed in each of your fleet vehicles, to collect data and upload it to the Albert IQ cloud.

For your convenience, we’ve expanded the data source options for Albert IQ. Now you can choose to use telematics from your vehicles' manufacturer or from providers other than Geotab. Available data varies significantly depending on the data source you select.*

Or, if you simply want to monitor your fleet's five most essential data items and view them on Overdrive (our fleet management platform for clients), our Albert IQ Lite plan is the perfect option for you.

*Please note that data availability from “Other” providers varies depending on limitations set forth by each provider. Below is a simplified representation of what to expect when collecting data from a non-Geotab provider, but data listed as available is not guaranteed for each provider. Please consult with your Mike Albert business development manager or client partnership manager to learn about data availability from the providers you are interested in using.

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Which Albert IQ plan is right for me?

Albert IQ (Geotab device): Recommended if you are seeking maximum data and results and have a variety of vehicle makes and models in your fleet, all of which Geotab devices can easily connect to.

Albert IQ (other device): Recommended if you are seeking informative, prioritized recommendations and prefer to use your existing telematics device or OEM data.

Albert IQ Lite: Recommended if you are seeking to add the five most essential data streams to your dashboards in Overdrive, allowing for a seamless, holistic view of your fleet.

No matter the needs of your businesss, the fleet scientists at Mike Albert can help you find the right vehicle and driver monitoring system.