Service Bodies

On the road, you need a truck that works as hard as you do. We offer service bodies to fit any industry. With upfits like stairs, bucket lifts, and locking cabinets, our team can create the perfect truck that never stops delivering, just like you. Don’t wait, we can help you build your work truck service body fast.

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Product Options

Bucket Lift

This body includes stairs, bucket lift, winch and locking cabinets.

Open Service Body

An open service body provides more storage - whether that be in the service body itself or overhead storage for larger items.

Closed Service body

Closed service bodies provide the same storage capabilities as an open body, but are enclosed on the top for more protection and security from the elements.

Mechanics Truck

A mechanics truck provides ample storage space for all your tools and utility equipment.


Low side utility body with crane, generator, pullout drawers and remote locks. Class 4-7

Air Compressors, Generators, & Welders

Secure your tools onto any service body. Ask our Truck Team which is best for your delivery and service requirements.


An attached vice allows greater versaility when on the road. It's a vital tool that can provide securing and clamping services while on the job.


Worklites provide you with the light you need to keep working. These lights illuminate the back of your dark vehicle so you have excellent visibility to get the job done.

Spray Lining

Spray lining provides a protective coating for the surface of your vehicle. Whether its a van compartment or truck bed, spray lining can protect from rust, rub spots, and water.

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