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Pest Control Equipment

The pest control equipment and the chemicals it involves creates needs other industries don’t face. To meet the demands of storage and safety as well as access and convenience, our Truck Team can guide you to the right upfit on the right sized pest control truck.

side access on pest control truck topperside access on pest control van for hose storagepest control liquid holding tank in compact vanrear view of pest control truck with the twin doors open

Product Options

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Spray rig

Pest control technicians can quickly and easily access a 300-foot hose reel and 50 gallon tank through the passenger side-door of this compact cargo van. Our Truck Team maintained compliance and payload requirement while optimizing the capabilities of this compact cargo van. Learn how you can add this cost efficient vehicle to your pest control fleet.

Liquid holding tank and pump

This upfit is designed to ensure the safe transport of chemicals. The 12-volt electric pump eliminates emissions. Driver-side access simplifies refilling.

Cap and sprayer

Pest control trucks require a cab-separate, enclosed cargo area to store tanks. This compliant design is optimized with side cargo access.

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