Fleet Fundamentals

Top components of a fleet management program.

Enterprise-level companies and government entities are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Skills covered in the class

We will approach the complexity of your fleet management with a meticulous, scientific rigor. We’re determined to help you eliminate guesswork and costly, reactionary decision-making.

Vehicle Life Cycle Analysis

Knowing how and when to sell or turn in your vehicles for new ones.

Vehicle Specification

Identifying the best, most appropriate vehicles for your fleet.

Optimal Vehicle Health

Incorporating data and best practices into your maintenance program.

Operational Efficiency

Ensuring your fleet is performing at its highest level at the lowest possible cost.

Enterprise-level companies and government entities are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For businesses that rely heavily on transportation as an ancillary component to their core processes, outsourcing fleet management services can provide substantial cost reductions and improved efficiency. If you are considering acquiring a fleet management program, it is important to verify the provider incorporates essential provisions to ensure a smooth transition and avoid costly service disruptions in the future.


When evaluating services, the company you choose should address the critical components of fleet management in a way that will reduce associated costs and eliminate the need for your direct involvement. Some of the top key elements are:

  • Executive Leases: Many companies include executive vehicles as an incentive for attracting new talent. Your provider should offer a full selection of late model luxury class vehicles for top executives.
  • Vehicle Acquisition: A fully featured vehicle acquisition program relies on a network of nationwide dealers and manufacturers. Consultants work with the customer to locate the best vehicle for the intended use. Online ordering capability is essential for managers, administrators and drivers. Drawing on a large pool of available vehicles eliminates the need for out-of-stock purchases.
  • Maintenance Management: A strong presence in the industry helps a professional fleet management company negotiate better repair prices and accelerate factory assistance claims. Repairs are always completed in a timely manner, and the quality of the repair is unsurpassed.
  • Fleet Remarketing: The provider should have developed an extensive network of experts who can tap into a variety of channels in order to find the best resale opportunities for vehicles. This includes employee purchase programs, wholesale auctions and online auctions.


FLEET MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS ALWAYS INCORPORATE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS Companies that are dependent on transportation and logistics to run their businesses have grown to expect these key elements, and are more likely to choose a professionally developed fleet management program when they are offered. After all, if you take away these necessary factors from your fleet program, what you're left with is a fleet that consistently delivers headaches and unhappy employees. Mike Albert Fleet Solutions always incorporates the necessary aspects of executive leases, vehicle acquisition, maintenance management and remarketing as a matter of course. When your fleet management program activities remain adaptable, responsive and seamless, then your business can run more smoothly to save you time and money.

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