Commercial Fleet Leasing & Financing

To cost-effectively acquire your vehicles, partner with us to tailor a commercial vehicle finance strategy that achieves your unique goals and optimizes your cash flow.

For your business to make money, you need to keep your fleet on the road with safe, reliable vehicles. But funding their acquisitions and replacements can be a costly and difficult endeavor. Our seasoned fleet leasing and financing pros are here to help you build your fleet as affordably and hassle-free as possible by customizing a vehicle finance strategy that perfectly aligns with your specific business goals and financial parameters. As a privately-owned fleet leasing company, we’re able to work closely with you to develop a plan that’s personalized for your organization, no matter the size of your fleet. Take a look at all the customizable services we offer.


Unlike vehicles for personal use, work vehicles are business assets. As such, most of our fleet clients choose to lease their fleet vehicles instead of buying them. Leasing is a more flexible alternative that optimizes your business cash flow and helps minimize your total cost of ownership.


  • Instead of paying for the entire cost of a vehicle, you only pay for what you use.
  • No large cash down payment upfront, just your first month lease payment.
  • Lower monthly payments, typically.
  • The capital you free up from a down payment and higher monthly payments can be used for other business purposes that yield a higher ROI.
  • The vehicle financing is handled for you by the lessor, so you can preserve your lines of credit.
  • It makes it more cost-effective for you to replace your vehicles at the optimal time to reduce maintenance costs and maximize safety, productivity, brand image and resale value.


We’ve been leasing and managing fleets since 1957. Our vast experience has taught us that the best way to win a client’s business for the long run is through exemplary personal service. Service that’s delivered by a team of fleet leasing and financing experts that are as nimble and knowledgeable as they are attentive and helpful.

At Mike Albert we believe you deserve something better than a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, we look at your unique commercial vehicle financing needs by assessing your current fleet vehicles and their utilization, as well as your industry, operations and budgeting factors. Then we collaborate with you to determine the lease type, terms, rates and conditions that best suit your business objectives while minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that changes in your business and the economy over time may require adjustments to your vehicle financing strategy. Our team is always at the ready to make modifications that help you keep your fleet up and running safely and cost-efficiently.


Most commercial vehicle leases are configured to depreciate quickly in a straight line down to $0. But vehicles still have value at the end of their leases. That’s why Mike Albert matches your vehicle’s depreciation to the remaining book value at the end of your lease, saving you from overpayment. In fact, with matched depreciation, many of our commercial clients save up to $150 a month per vehicle.


If you’re like many of our clients, your organization could greatly benefit from a cash infusion. We can make that happen. More often than not, we find positive equity tied up in a client’s existing fleet. We can unlock that cash by purchasing your fleet and leasing it back to you.

Purchase lease-back clients benefit from:

  • Instant cash - We cut you a check for the full market value of your fleet, which you can use to hire additional employees, lease additional vehicles, invest in technology or marketing, and strengthen your business.
  • Reduced cash outflow - Typically, your monthly payments will be lower.
  • Improved budget control - Our experts provide an optimal vehicle cycling strategy to minimize maintenance expenses and ensure your fleet costs are always manageable.
  • Streamlined management - With all your vehicles with Mike Albert, cost-efficiency is maximized and management is simplified.
  • Deferment option - In some cases, if you want, we can use the existing equity to defer lease payments for months, providing even more near-term cash.
  • Healthier Balance Sheets - Transferring fleet ownership to Mike Albert allows you to remove aging, depreciating assets from your balance sheet and improve the financial health of your business.


On a strict budget? Need to know your total cost of ownership upfront? Can’t afford to be exposed to market price volatility, rate fluctuations or seasonal resale factors? A closed-end lease may be your best answer.

With a closed-end lease, you can protect your business from residual risk by returning the vehicles at lease-end with no resale obligation. Mike Albert assumes the risk that comes with the depreciation and remarketing of your vehicles.

As a leader in closed-end leasing, we provide more flexibility in terms of mileage by offering you two different options: our mileage credit program and our unlimited mileage program. Learn more about the differences of choosing between Open- or Closed-end fleet leasing


An open-end lease has a minimum term, typically 12 months. You can terminate an open-end lease at any point after the term ends. When you do, you can purchase the vehicle for the residual value. Or, you can turn the vehicle in for resale. If you do, and the market value exceeds the residual value, you receive the gain. If the market value is less, you pay the difference.

An open-end lease may be the best solution for your business if:

  • You have remarketing expertise and want to try to resell your vehicles for a profit.
  • Your vehicles have been specially upfitted for on-the-job tasks.
  • Your fleet has frequently changing needs.
  • Your vehicles are subjected to rough usage.
  • You’re a private equity owned company.

To better fit your financing preferences, we offer two types of rates on our open-end leases: floating and non-float.


What is fleet leasing?

Fleet Leasing sometimes known as Commercial Vehicle Leasing refers to the low-risk funding strategy business or organizations use to acquire costly fleet vehicles and equipment. Similar to a private lease, and agreement between lessor and lessee allow the entity to pay for depreciation and market value during the time the vehicle is in use and easily exit the vehicle when the cost to maintain is too high or it no longer fits the needs of the business. Commercial and private entities lease their fleet vehicles when they want to avoid the limitations of purchasing such as outlaying a large amount of cash to purchase a vehicle, need to tailor their funding strategy to accommodate the seasonality of profit, avoid impacts of credit reporting etc.

How to choose a fleet leasing company?

Select a fleet leasing company that does not discriminate due to the size of the fleet. The company you select must offer a full line of fleet management services such as fuel management, maintenance management, telematics, tolling, the ability to outsource and other fleet centric options. Managing your fleet should encompass understanding your business goals and objectives along with understanding how the fleet is used as a key component of the business.

What industries are best for fleet leasing?

Any industry that relies on or utilizes a fleet of vehicles to provide goods and services, carry passengers or are used to represent your brand are types of businesses that can benefit from fleet leasing.

What is a fleet management company?

A fleet management company provides their clients a list of services that assist the fleet in being less costly and more efficient while providing actionable data for streamlining fleet services. The fleet management company should understand the client’s business goals and objectives and provide insight and recommendations regarding the fleet. While many dealerships offer the ability to lease a vehicle, the ongoing actions following the acquisition are the differentiator.

What is fleet financing?

Fleet financing is a term describing creative funding solutions that take in to account the asset needed, the length of service life and how the client wishes to pay for the use of the asset. Fleet financing can be in the form of open-end leases, closed-end leases, outright purchases and more. The leases can be structured to meet the client’s needs for depreciation, cash preservation, mileage requirements, upfit needs and more. Fleet financing may look very different from one client to the next based on type of business and financial requirements. True fleet financing is not one size fits all.