Fleet Leasing and Funding

Reduce out-of-pocket expenses with a tailored fleet funding strategy and flexible fleet leasing.

Free up capital with our fleet leasing options. Work vehicles are tools that need to be able to adapt to your client's changing demands. As a privately owned fleet leasing company, we provide agile funding strategies that reduce the overall cost of fleet vehicles. We work hand-in-hand with you, no matter the size of your fleet. Take a look at all the customizable services we offer.

Closed-End Fleet Lease

Closed-end fleet leasing is the ultimate weapon in the fight against cash flow concerns, unpredictable budgets, and fluctuating resale markets. As a leader in closed-end leasing, our clients are able to:

  • Eliminate large outlays of cash that accompanies vehicle purchases and preserves the capital needed to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Accurately forecast and budget for the future, without the worry of any surprise fleet expenses.

Protect your business from residual risk by returning the vehicles at lease-end with no resale obligation. Mike Albert assumes the risk that comes with the depreciation and remarketing of closed-end leased vehicles.

Mileage Credit Program

Perfect for customers with unpredictable mileage patterns. A higher mileage is defined in the lease terms as a safeguard against overage fees. A credit is paid at lease-end for each contracted mile not driven, ensuring you only pay for the miles you use.

Unlimited Mileage Program

Ideal for high mileage customers with occasional mileage fluctuations. The costs are completely fixed regardless of miles driven, ensuring budget predictability and eliminating surprise fees at lease-end.

Open-End Fleet Lease

Open-end fleet leasing option suits clients who keep their vehicles longer, prefer a greater level of flexibility, or upfit their vehicles to meet the specific needs of their business.

Mike Albert’s open-end lease program allows clients to:

  • Eliminate a large cash outlay for vehicle purchase, yet receive similar benefits to ownership.
  • Enjoy flexibility if fleet needs change unexpectedly.

Open-End Leasing is all about flexibility and Mike Albert offers options, such as matched depreciation, to fit your finance preference.

Open-End Floating Rate

Ideal for clients seeking the lowest possible associated cash flow and willing to take some risks associated with the interest rate/index environment. Floating Rate is the most aggressive pricing elements.

  • Beneficial when interest rates are high, but anticipated to decline over the length of the lease term.
  • Floating rate is indexed to the Business Day Rate of a specific financial index and the interest portion of your payment will be adjusted on a monthly basis as the index fluctuates.

Open-End Fixed Rate

  • Payments are fixed at the time of delivery. They then remain locked through the term of the lease, allowing you to budget expenses.
  • Interest rates are indexed to the Business Day Rate of various financial indices and are established at the onset of the lease.
  • Interest rate remains fixed throughout the term.

Purchase Lease-back Fleet Program

Have you thought about ways to free-up cash locked into your business assets? What about your vehicles? Mike Albert specializes in purchase lease-back transactions. This enables you to withdraw cash from the equity in your fleet vehicles while they stay on the road serving your customers and generating revenue. Plus, it could be possible to use existing equity to defer payments for months, providing even more near term cash.

Purchase lease-back clients benefit from:

  • Instant cash - Utilizing our purchase lease-back solution means that Mike Albert will cut a check for the full market value of your fleet. Use the cash to hire additional employees, lease additional vehicles, invest in technology or marketing, and strengthen your business.
  • Improved budget control - Converting to a leased fleet allows your business to pass the residual risk of vehicle ownership to Mike Albert. Mike Albert Fleet Solutions will provide an optimal cycling strategy to minimize maintenance expense and ensure your fleet costs are always manageable.
  • Healthier Balance Sheets - Transferring fleet ownership to Mike Albert allows you to remove aging, depreciating assets from your balance sheet and improve the financial health of your business.

Benefits for Fleet Leasing Through Mike Albert

Only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you use

Most vehicle leases are configured to depreciate quickly in a straight line down to $0. But vehicles still have value at the end of their leases. That’s why Mike Albert matches your vehicle’s depreciation to the remaining book value at the end of the lease, saving you from overpayment. In fact, with matched depreciation, many of our clients have saved up to $150 a month per vehicle.

Tailored Funding Strategies

Align your fleet goals with your business goals by leveraging agile funding strategies. From accommodating tax credits for a green fleet to seasonal payment options, Mike Albert is dedicated to finding a finance solution that positions your fleet to deliver on your business goals.