Data Insights

Make Sense of Your Data to Optimize Your Fleet.

We’ll help you turn "so what?" data into actionable insights for your business.

No matter if you have 15 or 1,500 vehicles, your fleet produces an overwhelming amount of data. With the help of the right proactive partner, this data can hold powerful insights which can be translated directly into cost savings for your business.

Reduce Fleet Costs

Leverage data to gain control of the fleet KPIs that drive savings and have the highest impact on your total cost of operation.

  • Gather mileage at fueling.
  • Use GPS and telematics to monitor usage and driver behavior.
  • Track all maintenance costs.

Take Action on Data

Convert data generated from vehicles, drivers, maintenance providers, fuel, and telematics into executive roll-up reports and decision-making tools.

  • Provide regular assessments of the health of your fleet to determine when each vehicle is in optimal performance.
  • Plan for proper replacement timing when the vehicle has value.
  • Assessment of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ensures you are not overspending on fuel or maintenance.
  • Maintenance history allows us see big problems before they happen, making sure no vehicle slips through the cracks.
  • Vehicle evaluation and assessment ensures that the vehicle and upfit continue to improve driver safety, productivity, and your customers' demands.
  • Vehicle replacement planning to accommodate order-to-delivery time guarantees you pay the lowest price for the vehicle.
  • Review upcoming model years and stay ahead of emerging technologies.

Best-in-Class Benchmarks and KPI

Monitor your performance relative to similar companies and best-in-class benchmarks. This insight lets you isolate where opportunities lie, predict the impact, and empower you to take strategic action.

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