Our seasoned commercial leasing and fleet financing pros are here to help you acquire your vehicles as affordably and hassle-free as possible by customizing a funding strategy that perfectly aligns with your specific business goals and financial parameters. As a privately owned company, we’re able to work closely with you to develop a plan that’s personalized for your business, no matter the size of your fleet.

Commercial fleet leasing FAQs

What is fleet leasing?

Fleet leasing, sometimes known as commercial vehicle leasing, is the low-risk funding strategy businesses use to acquire costly fleet vehicles and equipment.
Like a private lease, an agreement between lessor and lessee allows the entity to page for depreciation and market value during the time the vehicle is in use. It also allows them to easily change vehicles if theirs is too expensive, or no longer the right fit.
Commercial and private entities utilize fleet lease vehicles when they want to avoid the limitations of purchasing. Those limitations include:
* Having a big down payment
* Accommodating for seasonal profit differences
* Avoiding impacts of credit reporting