Evaluating Fleet Management Companies for Your Business

There are a wide range of fleet management companies, but they do not all serve their clients with individualized solutions. Many fleet management companies only provide pre-prepared programs. You need to find a company that will listen to your specific needs and then work with you to develop a service plan which will work best for your organization.

Fleet managers need to pay attention to the methods fleet management companies use to create value for their customers. To provide real value, the initial meetings need to focus on overall business goals. An upfront analysis of business cash flow objectives and vehicle management techniques can help add value to the ROI of the entire business. Fleet management companies often focus solely on the fleet itself, without designing a strategy that fits into the overall company financial requirements.

Fleet managers need to challenge themselves and fleet management companies to provide extensive analysis and specific techniques that will fall into line with company objectives. If branding is crucial to the business plan, then vehicles need to message the company logo. If cash flow is an issue, fleet management companies must create fuel efficiency programs to meet that need.

Thorough analysis by fleet management companies can reveal a tailored list of fleet management options:

  • Telematics can drive (literally) efficiencies in fuel consumption by determining optimal routes for vehicles.
  • Outsourcing fleet administration can lessen the burden on internal personnel, freeing them up to pursue profit-generating activities
  • Maintenance management can save money on repair and down time costs and improve planning and budgeting for vehicular expenses

Fleet management companies should offer their clients a highly tailored selection of solutions that are specific to business financial objectives.

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