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Fleet Fuel Cards Program

Manage Your Fuel Costs, Prevent Fuel Fraud, Reduce Administrative Tasks And Control Spending with Fleet Fuel Cards.

Fuel is one of the top expenses of any fleet program. In addition to the cost of oil, fraud at the pump is on the rise. Non-fuel purchases are a growing concern as well as the threat of card skimmers. Implementing a managed fuel program with the right business fuel card can mitigate fraud and optimize fuel use.

Fleet Fuel Cards are safe and simple to manage.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and control costs for your fleet program
  • One convenient method of payment for all your drivers
  • No more fuel expense reports
  • Set fuel limits and know where and when your drivers fill up
  • Fleet managers can easily review all fuel purchases and manage their drivers online
  • Receive a consolidated invoice and only cut one check for all fleet fuel card purchases
  • Track trends in pricing, maintain the data, and report on it

Our fuel card program isn’t our only offering that saves you money at the pump. Take a look at our other service offerings.