The advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) for fleets are real, as proven by Amazon, Anheuser-Busch, and thousands of other organizations and municipalities across the nation. The question is how can EVs be a viable and beneficial option for your fleet? And when should you start the transition and how aggressively? Several factors unique to your organization should be considered before arriving at the best answers.

We've collected the most frequently asked questions of fleet electrification. Reveal the answers by expanding the text under the question.

Aren't the upfront costs of electric vehicles too expensive?
Due to falling battery costs and other advancements, several EV models are closing the price gap with comparable ICE models. In fact, many traditional auto manufacturers are bringing dozens of EVs to market by 2025 with near cost parity to ICE vehicles (when incentive savings are leveraged.) As a privately-owned lessor, we can help you secure and monetize any [incentives, grants, and tax credits](https://www.mikealbert.com/fleet-studies-lab/electric-hybrid-alt-fuel/electric-fleet-vehicles) available for EVs in your area.

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