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Building and managing your fleet is no small feat.

Your vehicles are some of your most essential work tools for maximizing efficiency and productivity and delivering reliable, on-time service. Unfortunately, it’s not easy getting the right vehicles at the right price without jamming up your cash flow. Success Group International has partnered with us to get you the right vehicles, upfit with the equipment you need, wrapped with your approved branding, all for one monthly payment at an unbeatable price.


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Top reasons Service Pros choose Mike Albert.

  • Financing options customized for service industries, including a pay-as-you-go solution.
  • Purchase-leaseback program allows you to instantly free up capital to optimize your fleet.
  • Established relationships with OEM and suppliers to get you discounts on vehicles, branded vehicle wraps and equipment such as ladder storage, product racks, and tool boxes.
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for vans, trucks, equipment and vehicle branding, all for one monthly payment.
  • Strategies and services that lower total cost of ownership and increase safety, productivity, customer service and brand-building.
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The benefits of leasing vs. owning your fleet.

When considering whether to lease or own their business fleet, clients often shy away from leasing. Negative connotations as a result of costly personal vehicle leases make decision-makers wary of choosing to lease, when in fact, leasing is a financially secure option!

When you lease your business fleet from Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, you can get your vehicle and services like vehicle brand wrapping all rolled into one regular monthly payment - instead of paying for everything up front like you would with buying. This allows businesses to avoid the large expense of purchasing so they can continually re-invest capital into their business.

What's more? With leasing, you can plan for future expenses with the knowledge that our vehicle lifecycle strategy helps you to swap out any older vehicles before high maintenance costs hit. That way, you avoid the high expense of maintaning a purchased vehicle until it burns out, and you won't be dealing with unexpected maintenance bills.

Interested in learning more? Check out our page on the benefits of leasing here.

What to expect when you partner with Mike Albert.

1. Contact

Fill out the form on this page and a Mike Albert fleet expert who knows your industry inside and out will contact you.

2. Consultation & Planning

To help you achieve your business goals, your Mike Albert fleet expert will work with you to assess your operational needs and opportunities and create a long-term vehicle plan including:

  • The number and type of vans, trucks, and vehicle equipment you need to optimize efficiency and customer service.
  • When to add more vehicles to your fleet to keep up with business growth.
  • When and how to sell and replace your vehicles before they start losing you money.

3. Acquisition & Upfit

We’ll leverage our discounts with manufacturers and suppliers to get the right vehicles for the job and upfit them with the necessary equipment and appropriate branding – all at the best possible price, no matter the size of your fleet.

4. Financing

We’ll work with you to customize a financing and leasing strategy that reduces your out-of-pocket costs, preserves your lines of credit and frees up your capital for other business uses.

5. Delivery

We’ll take care of everything from order to delivery – including titles and registrations – so your vehicles arrive ready for the road and the job.

Build your best fleet with Mike Albert’s full line of financing and service options.