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Pest Control

Pest control is not just another service business. To start you have all the issues of any service fleet — route planning, customer demands, financing concerns and vehicle upkeep. On top of that you’re dealing with heavy, toxic chemicals that need to be safely secured and transported. Trust Mike Albert to safely upfit your pest control truck and to support your fleet with our team — eradicating the stress of fleet management.

We work with you

Reduce out-of-pocket expense and preserve your personal lines of credit with financing options designed for service businesses. You can also take advantage of seasonal payment options on your pest control truck — designed for seasonal businesses.

Maintain Reliability

Meeting customer demands takes careful planning and monitoring. When a single pest control truck goes offline, it can cause a ripple effect that touches multiple clients. Work with Mike Albert to keep your fleet running, while controlling maintenance costs. With a proper vehicle lifecycle strategy you’ll have the right vehicles on the road longer.

pest control worker spraying window seals

Built to suit

Improve safety and increase productivity with an upfit package that is designed specifically for you. Pest control chemicals are toxic and can be heavy. No problem. We can help you plan your team’s vehicles to utilize pay load and keep them safe. Turn to Mike Albert to see how the pro’s upfit their vehicles.

Recommended Vehicles for Pest Control

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.

Pull-down ladder rack

Ladder Storage

Compact van technician package

Upfits for Compact Vans

Pickup truck with cap and sprayer

Pest Control Pickup Truck Equipment