Spend Smarter with a Trusted Toll Management System

When Dean, manager of major ATM business Bancsource, was suddenly tasked with handling the toll expenses of 200+ vehicles, he didn’t know where to turn. In need of a toll management company, he consulted Mike Albert Fleet Solutions for help.

“I got on the phone with Mike Albert and said, ‘Hey look, how soon can we get our toll system up and running so that we’re not paying these fees?’” Dean said. “The whole team at Mike Albert basically stopped what they were doing and was able to manage us through that transition without us having to pay a toll overcharge.”

In Dean’s words, Mike Albert’s toll management system was a lifesaver. Since then, Bancsource’s collaboration with Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has been an ongoing success story far beyond just toll management. But Dean isn’t the only fleet manager who has struggled with nailing down the perfect toll management system.

The headache of managing toll costs

While authorities are usually accustomed to working with localized or regional facilities, large-scale fleets often glide between states. This makes expenses especially complicated to manage across regional boundaries.

And relying on only an internal accounting manager to do all the back-end work of toll management is usually an expensive, lengthy process. In an age where paperless technology is booming, managing cash and invoices isn’t so efficient for fleet managers. When fleets have a hodgepodge of vehicles — rented, owned and leased — it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the ins and outs of every driver’s expenses.

Further, if a toll charge doesn’t show up until after the customer has returned the car, as sometimes happens, the rental company has to figure out who the customer is and track them down to bill them.

When renting, customers don’t want to have to stop, roll down the window and pay cash. Having an effortless toll system can increase driver satisfaction and make them come back to their preferred rental company.

Rather than have to call and work out issues with multiple tolling authorities and waste precious resources, fleet managers know that a toll management company has the experience to help.

How a toll management company can help

A toll management system handles everything toll-related, so fleet managers can spend their valuable time on the tasks that improve your business.

Toll managers merge the various operating, payment and vehicle policies for a seamless toll experience — all while saving fleets money.

Toll management systems allow for centralized controls, reporting and payment processing. In turn, this keeps drivers from needing to stop, eliminates the need for multiple invoices and can cut toll costs.

What Mike Albert can do for you

Don’t let tolls slow you down. After Dean called Mike Albert, the company had a new toll management system operating in just two days. Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has the experience to save you significant amounts of money in toll fees and fines. Want to talk to a fleet expert? Fill out our free fleet assessment so we can create a preliminary plan to start saving you money.

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