Company Overview

Protective Packaging
13 states, NA Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH
North America, Europe, Asia
109 units on lease
Focus on Core Business
Gain Control of Maintenance Management
Implement a Fuel Program
Personal Mileage Reporting Program
When you outsource something you want it to be your 3rd arm, and they are really acting as our 3rd arm when it comes to our fleet management.
Kevin Cheek, VP of HR and Administration

Storopack Video Transcript

Kevin Cheek
Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Storopack North America

Gregg Battaglia
Storopack North America


We are in the protective packaging business. We have 4 core products: Air – the air pillows when you open an Amazon box, Paper – void fill and protection, Loose Fill – the packaging peanut, and then Foam.

Not only are we providing the product to protect our customers’ product on the way to their customer, we help them design the most efficient process possible to get their product out the door and on the way to their customer.

We have 18 plants across North America, 360 employees, mostly in major markets coast to coast – from Toronto down to Mexico. Storopack has been working with Mike Albert for somewhere around 30 years, an extraordinarily long time. In fact, I think Mike Albert leased Storopack its first delivery vehicle when they started business in North America.

A little over a year and a half ago, I took on the responsibility of our company car program. When it transitioned to me, the unique thing was, we were intentional in asking Mike Albert to take on more, really as a business partner with us. And really, since that time, it’s been super easy.

We provide a direction as to what we want the program to accomplish, and how,  kinda how we want it to work for our people, and Mike Albert does everything else.

When you outsource something you want it to be your third arm. And they are really are acting as our third arm when it comes to our fleet management.

Instead of us allocating resources, people, capital, time, and space to this very important function, we can use those resources elsewhere – in the core activities of our business. That’s the value.

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