February 18, 2019

A big solution for a small business

Camden Eddington employs 16 people for his full-service landscaping and grounds management company. The proud owner of Eddington Landscaping in Cincinnati, OH, Eddington started his small business nearly 7 years ago and grew from one truck and mower to 11 vehicles, 5 trailers, and countless pieces of equipment.

Like many small business owners, Eddington is required to wear many hats throughout the day; and juggling the responsibility of his employees, financials, workload, and planning for growth can be overwhelming at times. One of his keys to success in growth is to focus on the job he has set out to do and bring in expert partners where his experience lacks.

Eddington’s primary focus is on his crews, their work, and keeping his customers happy. The 11 vehicles involved in this operation are a critical piece of the business – if the vehicles aren’t running, his crews can’t work. The fuel, upkeep, and life of the vehicles need to be carefully managed but Eddington doesn’t have resources to invest in hiring a dedicated fleet manager, a maintenance department, and other specialties to keep his vehicles running well.

He needed a partner to be flexible enough to tailor their vehicles and financing to his needs, as well as bringing expertise in areas where he needed help. Watch his interview here:

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