Fleet Management that will drive your business forward

Regain control of your fleet management

Mike Albert’s strategic approach will help you streamline procedures and manage your fleet costs more effectively. Our unique consultative approach offers a variety of customized financing options to help you maximize cash flow, lower the total cost of ownership, while optimizing your fleet's performance and even help build brand awareness.


Our 3 Focus Approach:

  1. Strategize – develop your fleet strategy
  2. Customize – tailor solutions to your fleet and business
  3. Optimize – continue to assess your fleet strategy


Executive Leasing

Benefits of our personalized Partner Perks program:

  • A wide selection of luxury class vehicles
  • Strategies for vehicle acquisition and fleet management
  • Efficient and economical executive leases
  • Opportunities to attract and retain high level employees


Vehicle acquisition

  • Recommendations on Appropriate Equipment
  • Benefits & Methods of Pooling Vehicles
  • Personalized consultation to determine the best cycling and disposal methods
  • Notification of every step throughout the ordering process
  • Delivery nationwide
  • Access to our stock of vehicles ready to drive off the lot


Custom truck and upfitting services

Our in-depth discovery process assures that your trucks will be totally suitable for:

  • The average weight handled by each vehicle
  • Unique Service Bodies / Customized Vehicles
  • Specialized Accessories
  • Number of annual miles and the route’s geographic features
  • Compliance with all governmental regulations
  • Efficient tracking technology and mobile office applications


To see how Mike Albert can help you cut your fleet
managements costs and boost your ROI,

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