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Service Contractor

Service vehicles are not just transport haulers that get your tradesmen from job-to-job. These are tools that can be leveraged to maximize every tech’s output. Let us custom design your HVAC, plumbing truck or electric van and create the optimal setup both for your business and your specific company’s style. Lean on our fleet management services to build a better, safer fleet.

Reduce Mess. Save Time

Things get sloppy when you’re moving quickly. Equipment gets misplaced, parts are lost and efficiency disappears. Increase productivity with Mike Albert. Our Truck Team can help you design a best-in-class HVAC, plumbing truck, or electric service vehicle. From storage racks, to wire storage, ladder racks, and more — we can give every piece and part a secure place of its own.

The importance of safety

We can help you keep your guys safe on the roads. Monitor their driving habits to see what the issues are and to prevent accidents from taking place. From excessive speed to hard braking, Mike Albert can help you gain a better understanding. You will truly be able to answer the question: “How’s my driving?”

Buy, lease or sell

Reduce out-of-pocket expense and preserve your personal lines of credit with financing options designed for service businesses. As a private lesser, Mike Albert has the flexibility to extend fleet leasing and finance options that allow you to put your money where it needs to be for the good of your fleet.

Recommended Vehicles for Service Contractor

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.


HVAC Equipment


Inventory Management

Pull-down ladder rack

Ladder Storage

Cord Storage

Options & Accessories

Bulkhead partition


Compact van technician package

Upfits for Compact Vans