Your staff is always on the road, handling tasks that carry a lot of weight. Whether caring for clients, delivering medical supplies, or transporting individuals, you need an accessible vehicle equipped to get the job done without fail. Safety, security and reliability are what matters most. And Mike Albert helps you deliver. See how our fleet management solutions can help you improve customer service and lower costs.

Customized set up

Improve safety and increase productivity with an upfit package that is designed specifically for you. Specialty access, wheelchair lifts and storage solutions can be custom fitted to best meet the needs of your fleet. Our Truck Team can help you plan your team’s accessible vehicles to utilize space and keep their riders and their cargo safe. Turn to Mike Albert to see how to upfit for mobility.

All knowing

Do you know where your vehicles are? Do you know if they’re on schedule, refueling or in an accident? At Mike Albert, we offer telematics services so you know exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Our telematics services offer real-time updates on location, speed, idling, trip distance, and more. We’ll get you all the information you need to put your mind at ease.

Future planning

Expand your accessible fleet and reduce your carbon footprint by partnering with Mike Albert. We have the in-house expertise to help you transition from an aging inefficient fleet to a new energy efficient one. See how we can help you reduce fuel costs, reduce energy costs, and reduce maintenance for vehicles.

Recommended Vehicles for Mobility

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.

Mobility full-size van with rear lift

Handicap Accessibility