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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is packed with slim margins and stiff competition. Delivering goods on-time and intact is how you stay in business. Build the right sized fleet for distribution with Mike Albert. We can help you protect the products in your care, comply to food safety standards, and control your costs.

Are you Equipped?

Adaptability in business is every bit as important as it is in nature. In the delivery of grocery store goods, you can’t be competitive if your vehicles can’t keep up with the pace of distribution or if they can’t carry the right cargo. A beer distribution fleet will be eaten alive by maintenance and fuel costs without the right equpment set up. Our Truck Team can design a solution to meet all compliance standards for carrying dry, refrigerated or frozen goods.

Right sizing

Mike Albert can analyze the status of your current fleet and provide multiple vehicle solutions to right-size your distribution operation. This could mean downsizing vehicles to a compact Transit Connect to reduce fuel spend. It could be to improved vehicle efficiency through smaller cargo space and a side-access door. Our solution will be custom made for your location, cargo and process.

Fuel management

Prices may fluctuate, but the process by which you fuel should remain consistent and predictable. Relieve your drivers of unnecessary paperwork with a one-step process for filling up at the pump. Plus free up your time by focusing on a single comprehensive invoice for all fuel expenses. One bill to review. One check to cut.

Recommended Vehicles for Food & Beverage

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.


Inventory Management

Bulkhead partition


Lowered railgate

Cargo Access

Refrigerated compact van - side

Climate Controlled Delivery