Working in the cannabis industry requires maintaining strict standards on the safety and security of your vehicles, drivers, and product. We provide a variety of solutions, including the options listed here, to help you keep your operation running according to industry regulations.

COO with medium duty work trucks

Fleet Funding

As a privately-owned fleet leasing and management company, we have the ability to provide very flexibile fleet funding options. We identify your unique financing needs by assessing your current fleet vehicles and their utilization as well as looking at your industry, operations, and budgeting factors. Then we customize a lease agreement based on a financing strategy and vehicle life cycle plan that maximizes the efficiency of your fleet vehicles and minimizes your total cost of ownership (TCO).


One of the best ways to protect your vehicles, drivers, and products safe is to adopt a telematics solution. Our Telematics service allows you to tap into a wealth of data collected from your fleet. Telematics data can include information on vehicle and driver behavior, route optimizations, and navigation. With these details, you'll be prepared to make your operations more efficient, or have the context you need if concerns arise.

Fleet telematics with fleet GPS tracking
fleet maintenance management

Maintenance Management

One of the worst nightmares for any cannabis fleet manager is your fleet vehicle breaking down on the side of a busy road. With product that needs to be highly protected and transported on a set schedule, it is crucial that you do all you can to prevent potential breakdowns that can halt your operations and put your product at risk. That's why we recommend our Maintenance Management service, which allows our ASE-certified technicians to review your vehicle information and provide proactive recommendations (or reactive solutions) when your vehicles need maintenance.

Toll Management

When you're running on a strict schedule, you don't have the time for slowdowns at tolls. Adopting our Toll Management service ensures you're prepared to manage tolling stops efficiently while streamlining your tolling expenses and preventing toll violations.

Recommended Vehicles for Cannabis

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.