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Adrian Steel

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Top Workplaces in the USA

We are honored to place in the top ten again this year. This is the 10th time and 4th year in a row that Mike Albert has achieved a spot on this list, which is based on feedback from the teams of each participating organization.

ADVANTAGE® empowers you to turn the everyday into exceptional.

The Advantage service at our fleet management company pairs you with a dedicated Client Support Specialist (CSS) who is your single point of contact for handling day-to-day questions and concerns from your drivers and staff about fuel cards, licensing, insurance, citations, vehicle ordering and other fleet-related items. Your CSS, a trained fleet expert, backed by a team of equally skilled pros, advances the role of your daily internal fleet management to a whole new level.

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What results can you expect from Advantage? Here are some of the benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Reduced fleet-related expenses and administrative burdens on company staff
  • Improved driver satisfaction resulting from faster response times to fleet inquiries
  • Increased driver productivity due to prompt resolutions of issues that cause downtime
  • Time and money savings from hiring outside fleet experts instead of adding and training new staff